Root Cause Corrective Action
Training Available
Root Cause Corrective Action and Problem Solving Tools
Designed to teach participants how to analyze problems and determine long-term solutions, participants will learn to:

I. Why RCCA? 
a.Definition and Graphical View of RCCA 
b.Comparisons Between RCCA Program and other programs 
c.Origins and Success Stories
II. How to Deploy RCCA 
a.Leadership Responsibilities 
b.Description of the Roles and Responsibilities 
c.Resource Allocation 
d.8D Problem Solving Methodology
e.Data Driven Decision Making 
III. Project Definition 
b.Work Breakdown Structure 
c.Pareto Diagrams 
d.Process Maps 
e.Project Charters 
IV. Project Scheduling 
a.Activity Network Diagram 
b.GANNT Chart
V.  Change Management/Teams 
a.Problems with Change 
b.Achieving Buy-In 
c.Team Formation, Rules, and Responsibility 
i.Overcoming Problems
d.Consensus Building Tools 
i.Affinity Diagram 
ii.Nominal Group Technique 
iii.Prioritization Matrix
VI. Tools and Objectives 
b.Process Maps 
d.Cause and Effect Diagrams 
e.Check Sheets
f.Benefits of Control Charts  

Nadcap*, part of PRI (Performance Review Institute, is the leading worldwide cooperative program of major companies designed to manage a cost-effective consensus approach to special processes & products and provide continual improvement within the aerospace & automotive industries.  Nadcap is an unprecedented co-operative industry effort to improve quality, while reducing costs, for quality assurance throughout the aerospace and defense industries

Creating a Culture of Quality
*Nadcap (formerly NADCAP, the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) …a global cooperative standards-setting program for aerospace engineering, defense and related industries.